Choosing a career path to follow requires careful consideration. It is key to choose one that is rewardingand offers good security. While there are many careers to pick from, those with a thirst to help others and make the world a better place will often go for the criminal justice sector.

If you are interested in law enforcement, criminology or public safety, it is a smart choice. Of course, education is key and earning a bachelor of science in criminal justice is worth thinking about. Completing this qualification will arm you not only with the skills needed for your future careerbut also the credentials to move into your preferred role (people, for example, might want to see qualifications such as this when selecting a personal injury lawyer).

A popular course for many moving into criminal justice is the online degree program at Central Christian College of Kansas Online. Not only does it contain teaching on valuable modules such as ‘Victimology’, but it also sees you learn from those with real-life policing experience.

Once you’re ready to move into the world of criminal justice work, you might not fancy going for well-known roles such as police officer though. What other exciting roles are available instead?

Parole, probation or correctional officers

If you want to work directly with offenders but fancy something a bit different, why not go for one of these career paths? A probation officer deals with individuals who are on probation and are waiting to be sentenced.

Parole officers do something similar but work with people who have been to prison already. They ensure that offenders transition back into society smoothly and keep to their parole terms.

Correctional officers actually work in prisons tomaintain order. All three have decent pay grades (probation officers make $54,290 on average, for example) and give a new twist to a criminal justice career.

Forensic science technician

Not all criminal justice careers are frontline and physical, as working as a forensic science technician shows. This job sees you collecting and analyzing data from crime scenes to help an investigation. This role is heavily lab-based and perfect for people who are into science. With an average salary of $59,150 per annum and a 14% growth rate predicted, it is not only well-paid but also indemand.

Social worker

Another exciting career is social worker. In this role, you would assist offenders with living a more integrated life in their local community.Social workers can also help victims of crime to live a healthier, more productive life.With an average salary of $50,470 per year and a high level of job satisfaction, it is one to think about.

Criminal justice is a wide-ranging sector

As the above shows, criminal justice is a wide-ranging sector with many career opportunities. Once you have the right qualifications behind you, there are numerous interesting roles to pick from. With great job security and a real chance to make a difference in society, it is easy to understand why careers in this sector are so popular.