Construction lawyers are the ones helping clients pertaining legal support in cases pertaining to the process of construction. It is often required to hire a lawyer or an attorney for fighting or defending a lawsuit. However, one does not need to afford an attorney when payment disputes and other legal issues can get settled at a lower cost. This article covers the common scenarios when you should hire a construction lawyer and when you may not.

When do you need a construction lawyer?

#1: Under the pressure of a lawsuit

When under the threat of a lawsuit, it is better to not go about representing yourself in the court of law. Instead, hire an experienced building and construction lawyer to save time and effort in getting out of the lawsuit fast and efficiently. Having a lawyer on your side can work in your favor as they are adept at identifying cross-claims.

#2: In case of job site injury

Job site injury claims can be an unpredictably hideous affair. Moreover, dealing with workers’ compensation disputes can escalate to an intense level of frustration. In such cases, seeking help from a construction lawyer can keep you out of the stress of the courtroom and keep things hopefully progressive.

#3: Defective construction claims

In case of defective construction claims, a lawyer can be a valuable asset that helps you avoid litigation and find out the person who is actually liable.

#4: Carrying out contractual actions

When writing or reviewing a contract, it is typical for an untrained eye to overlook problematic contract clauses. For this reason, hire a professional and reputed construction lawyer who can detect defective construction clauses effectively to save you from the risk of any unwanted liability and negotiate a more profitable agreement.

#5: In case of bankruptcy

Filing or collecting from a bankrupt customer can be seriously overwhelming if you do not have the know-how. Hiring a construction lawyer can ease in navigating the whole process.

When NOT to hire a construction lawyer?

#1: When sending a demand letter:

Although a demand letter sent from a law firm can weigh for added gravity, one can easily compose this kind of letter by only having a rudimentary understanding of construction payment laws.

#2: For filing a mechanics lien:

A lawyer is not required for filing a mechanic lien. If you cannot manage it yourself, ask help from a lien service provider instead of a construction lawyer.

#3: In small claims court:

Navigating through small claims court on their own is pretty straightforward for any individual and sole proprietor. In this scenario, one may not want to bear the cost of a lawyer as the amounts settled in these cases are very little. However, if your state law requires you to have a lawyer for a particular type of business, you can think of hiring a lawyer.

Final words

A construction lawyer can help you through any complex legal process and ensure a smooth negotiation to settle disputes. But remember, you should only opt for experienced and professionally recognized lawyers for successful proceedings.