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Types Of Drunk Driving Accidents

by Zachary Oakes

Drunk driving has become more common, and people are causing numerous accidents. To avoid catastrophic accidents, people should avoid drinking and driving and instead use alternate forms of transportation to return home. Most fatalities are caused by drunk driving, and those who survive to suffer severe injuries and are traumatised. Even if the law states that drinking and driving will land you in jail and force you to repay the victims, individuals continue to do it. Back and spinal injuries are common in drunk driving accidents. Your judgment will be affected whether you have drunk a lot or a little alcohol since you are not in your sane mind.

The following are some of the accidents caused by drunk driving:

  • Collisions at high speeds

When intoxicated, you could feel tired, and you might pass out behind the wheel, causing an accident. Furthermore, when you are inebriated, your eyesight is altered, and you may miss car signals, bumps, and impending cars, resulting in an accident.

  • Crashes involving pedesrians

When you drive intoxicated, you may not see correctly and wind up hitting a pedestrian, especially at night when a lot is going on on the road. The pedestrian may get severe injuries due to this drunk driving mishap.

  • Rear-end collision

When intoxicated, it is difficult to judge distance effectively, and it is difficult to tell how distant another motorist is or how fast and slow the driver is. You may also make incorrect judgments and fail to slow down in time, resulting in an accident.

  • Wrong-way accidents

When drunk, it is difficult to read traffic signals accurately, and you may not notice that you are travelling in the wrong lane. This may be risky on the highway since automobiles travel at high speeds, and one missed turn can be disastrous.

  • One-vehicle accidents

In a one-vehicle accident, a driver falls asleep while driving, and the car ends up veering off the road and ends up getting crashed onto an object like a tree or a road sign. A collision with a parked vehicle can also be termed a one-vehicle accident. When this accident occurs, the driver and the passenger may get hurt.

How drinking affects your driving skills

Alcohol impairs brain function and impairs physical coordination. Excessive alcohol use might potentially result in a nervous breakdown. Alcohol affects the body too quickly since it is absorbed into the bloodstream shortly after consumption. The weight of the alcohol is commonly used to calculate the amount of alcohol in a specific volume of blood, known as alcohol concentration. Because alcohol affects your physiology, even a trace amount in your blood might trigger an accident.

If you are discovered driving while intoxicated, you may face misdemeanour charges, a felony offence, and fines for impaired driving. Your license may also be revoked, you also face imprisonment and expensive fines.


If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, you might have severe injuries and be traumatised. Drunk driving accidents are devastating to families. Reach out to an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer for assistance.

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