A deposition is a collection of facts and information gathered during the pre-trial. This later forms the core of the entire litigation process. Since they are usually hundreds of pages long, it is only convenient to summarize their essential points.

Thus, a depo summary is a concise, written synopsis of the witness’s statement that acts as a reference point during the trial.

Drafting a depo summary is a lengthy and frustrating process that requires absolute dedication and precision. Thus, most law firms and independent attorneys prefer to outsource it to a reputed service. This saves the burden of summarizing wads of papers and allows lawyers to spend time on building a strong case.

An impressive depo synopsis highlights the relevant points and makes essential information accessible to the attorney. This further increases the chances of winning a case.

Therefore, 4 corners deposition summaries put their experienced paralegals to work for providing crisp synopsis at budget-friendly rates to the clients.

Pre Decide Deposition Type

Since there are a variety of depositions serving different objectives, it is vital to identify the right type before drafting a summary.

A crisp and well-presented summary can direct the case in your favor by preparing the lawyer for the trial. It further ensures the judge is updated with the proceedings and allows room for a quick verdict.

Paralegal experts at 4 corners deposition summaries are qualified professionals familiar with various types of depositions. Thus, they help choose the best-suited format for your case and prevent unnecessary wastage of time and finances.

Plan Integral Parts in Advance

Like any other form of written content, creating a deposition summary requires careful pre-planning before effective execution.

Thus, it is essential to skim through the entire transcript and annotate relevant points beforehand. Once the context and nature of the case are clear, the summarizer can move forward with shortlisting a presentation style.

Ensure Objective Stance and Avoid Repetition

One of the essential yet often ignored parameters of drafting a depo summary is to maintain an objective stance.

A summarizer should always ensure the authenticity of the original transcript and avoid editorializing.

Therefore, professional experts at 4 corners deposition summaries practice extreme precision while stating the facts to prevent tampering with the actual context.

Furthermore, they make sure all the points included in the summary are relevant and unique. Since an attorney would solely depend upon the depo summary for pretrial preparation, it is vital to include only valid pointers that aren’t repeated.