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Motorcycle Injury Lawsuits; Do they Alleviate Vulnerability to Accidents?

by Zachary Oakes

Riding a motorcycle is considered a lot of fun. It allows you to experience pleasures that are not enjoyed by other motorists. From driving at blistering speeds to avoiding the irritating traffic jams, there’s a lot to be loved about motorcycling. However, the truth is that riding a motorcycle can be just as dangerous as it is exhilarating.

The rampant motorcycle accidents point to the huge danger you face on the road as a motorcyclist. Though not as common as vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents are usually shocking and devastating. Some are caused by unique circumstances such as the rider’s inexperience; However, it’s not always the riders fault that lead to these accidents.

Motorcycle Accidents and Why You Are at Risk as a Rider

A lot of surveys have exposed some interesting facts about motorcycle accidents. These include some disturbing truth that points to a huge vulnerability of motorcyclists on the road. While you’ll remain on the receiving end when involved in an accident, here is what makes you so vulnerable to accidents and injuries.

Prejudice and Unfair Bias

As a motorcyclist, there’s little you can do to change people’s perceptions about your conduct on the road. The stereotypes involving reckless outlaws always complicate any effort you make to seek compensation for injuries. This happens even as a lot of studies reveal other motorists being at fault in most accidents with motorcycles.

However, with the Shrum Law office, you have all the power to seek compensation if you are not at fault in an accident. The law firm has a track record of handling motorcycle accident claims successfully, depending on the damage caused and the extent of personal injuries.

You Tend to Suffer Much of the Consequences

The common motorcycle accidents involve collisions with motor vehicles. It just happens that when such an accident happens, the occupants of the passenger vehicle are well protected. As for a motorcyclist, there is very little protection between you and the road.

Therefore, you are left more vulnerable to severe injuries and damages to your motorcycle. Serious cases often result in instant death. While the fault may not be entirely yours, it’s good to ensure safety knowing you are more open to danger than any other road user.

Poor Roads and Bad Weather Mean You are at More Risk

Unlike other road users, you are at more risk to get involved in an accident due to bad roads and bad weather. For instance, hitting a pothole or running over rubbles in the street may result in an instant motorcycle accident. Sudden weather changes such as heavy crosswinds or snow may also be of extreme danger if you are on the road.

While the above mentioned may pose a lot of danger, you can ensure safety by adhering to measures such as;

  • Wearing proper safety gear
  • Staying on the right side of traffic laws and avoiding unnecessary risks
  • Staying alert on the road


Motorcycle accidents are now common on our roads more than ever. However, the increased bias against motorcyclists makes the pursuit of damage compensation a challenge. Regardless of any perception, you remain eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit to seek compensation if you are at no fault in any motorcycle accident.

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