Whenever you meet with your personal injury lawyer for the first time, it becomes crucial on your part to understand what your lawyer needs to know about you and the case. You might know that a personal injury firm works on a contingency fee basis. It entails the fact that it will receive no money for the effect that it puts into the case. Only after winning the case, these lawyers would receive their remuneration as a certain percentage of the claim. Hence the victim must provide these lawyers with all the information for the proper evaluation of the personal injury claim.

Here are the five things that you need to tell your injury lawyer.

●   Information About Pre-Existing Injury

If you have previous injury records related to the same body part where you have experienced re-injury, you must notify the same to your injury lawyer. Having a pre-existing injury can automatically prevent you from receiving any part of compensation. As the insurance company finds out about such information, it can cancel the game of compensation. The best personal injury lawyer would help the victim with this. If you let your lawyer know about this information, they would request the old medical records. After distinguishing your new injuries and old ones, they can help you get the claims.

Also, if you have already recovered from the old injury and the accident caused a new injury to the same body part, it can worsen the condition of the pre-existing injury. Although, you may be able to receive your compensation with the knowledge and expertise of the injury lawyer.

●   Criminal History

If you have any misdemeanor or criminal convictions, you must notify the same to your motorcycle accident attorney. These convictions may not be relevant to the insurance companies or your case. But if the insurance company runs a background check on the claimants, then it can cause a lot of problems. It can also make you appear as an unsympathetic victim. Hence whenever you opt for a personal injury lawsuit, you must speak to your lawyer about everything, including your criminal history record. It will help your lawyer to provide you with the recommendation of personal injury mediation or settlement instead.


●   Faulty During The Accident

You can recover compensation for all the damages that you sustain in personal entry accidents. But this rule would be enjoyable only if you are not more than 50% at fault for the accident. The potential evidence would be reduced according to the degree of your negligence. For instance, if you are found 30% at fault during the accident and your damage is $100000, you can only recover up to $80,000. With the help of this rule, you can receive the needed help during an accident. Moreover, it becomes crucial that you tell your lawyer.

●   Any File For Bankruptcy

If you have filed for any bankruptcy cases during the personal injury case, then any award you receive would go directly into the account of the bankruptcy estate. It can help while doing little or no help. If you have filed any such cases, you need to inform your lawyer about this. They can work with the bankruptcy lawyer and retain a part of the settlement for your needs. In case you stay quiet about this problem, it will do you no help at all.

●   Re-Injury

If you suffer any other kind of injury after the accident, you need to speak to your lawyer about the same. It is imperative to tell your lawyer about any incident or accident. It can help the car accident attorney to anticipate various challenges by the defense. Speaking the whole truth can also secure medical evidence that helps delineate between the new injuries and the prior ones.

We all know that working with lawyers can be intermediate. But a good lawyer can make you feel respected and comfortable. As your lawyer notices these five things, it can help them to form a strategy and get the claim fast.


During any personal injury case, working with a lawyer or attorney can be extremely helpful. They would be able to process your claims faster. They can help you with extremely complicated cases where a normal person can’t win the case. Without the willing cooperation of the client, these lawyers can do much to win the case. Especially, if you have any personal injury cases, you need to be aware of a personal lawyer.