Being arrested for DWI is one of the devastating experiences. The attorney you choose has a significant impact on your case. An inexperienced attorney can make your case more complex than it is already and even lead to losing your case. When everything is at stake, you do not want to risk it by choosing the wrong attorney. 

Additionally, there are various factors to consider when picking a Rochester DWI attorney. Therefore, in this blog, we have mentioned all the details about choosing the best DWI defense attorney so that you can protect yourself with the right legal aid. 

Factors to consider when picking a DWI lawyer. 

  • Their previous experience in handling DWI cases and the success rate. 
  • Certifications and training. 
  • They effectively deal with DWI cases and not just general areas. 
  • The attorney is confident and has a commanding presence. 
  • They help you understand every aspect of your case. 
  • They work in your best interest instead of theirs. 
  • The attorney’s office indulges in effective communication with you about your case. 
  • You feel comfortable with the attorney. 
  • Their past clients’ experience or testimonials, or even case studies. 

These key factors can help you understand whether the attorney meets your requirements or not. Additionally, it is always better to have a one-on-one meeting with the attorney in person instead of over the call. Meeting the attorney in person helps you understand how well their communication skills, how they work, and their behavior. 

Questions to ask your lawyer:

If you have selected a lawyer, do not hesitate to ask questions. In fact, asking questions will help you understand more about attorneys. If they refuse to answer your question, take it as a red flag. As an attorney, they must provide the information the client demands and if they fail to do so, look for another attorney who can provide maximum information about your case. 

Here’s a list of questions you can ask.


  • How many Jury trials have you had in the last year?
  • How long have you been practicing? 
  • What is your past experience in handling DWI cases?
  • If my license is suspended, am I eligible for an occupational license?
  • What are standardized sobriety tests?
  • What defenses will you use in my case?
  • What information should I provide you to get the best results?
  • What is your experience in litigating and investing in a DWI case?
  • Who will be in court with me?
  • What will be the cost of a good DWI lawyer?
  • Which mode of communication are we going to use? 

An experienced lawyer will be able to answer all your questions. Depending on their answers, you can determine the best lawyer for your case.